Sunday, May 29, 2011

The other Brooklyn (Brooklyn on the Hawkesbury River)

Dotted with marinas, sprinkled with vessels of all shapes and sizes, the Hawkesbury River is home to many small, creative communities. Some of these communities are water access only, some are boat-only residents, some are cave dwellers (I kid you not) and some are land-lubbers who wallow in the tranquility of these beautiful shores. Communities along the river can be accessed via beautiful winding roads distributing off the Pacific Highway north of Sydney.
To access Brooklyn (driving South) one must depart the Pacific Highway just seconds before crossing the stunning, and wide, Hawkesbury River. Cross the bridge by accident and you have a big problem.
This may well be why the little community of Brooklyn, has maintained its level of mystique, and frankly sailed 'under the radar' for so long. This is certainly the way many of its creative and talented residents would like it to stay.
It may also be the reason that the thriving oyster farming community on the river continues to consistently produce award-winning oysters that must be seen to be believed. The waters of the Hawkesbury contain just the right amount of salt for oysters to thrive, and thrive they do. In saying that, so does the fish, which is served so beautifully at the tiny cafes, restaurants and takeaway outlets along the river. Bream, Blackfish, Jewfish, name it. The seafood here is legendary, and the community of Brooklyn gets top marks for understanding how it should be served.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why not Brooklyn? Why not Dangar Island

This is a foggy view from Brooklyn across to Dangar Island taken last week. For those who are unfamiliar with the area, we have a large residential population on Dangar Island. These are water-access properties. Australias last riverboat postman services the river communities along the Hawkesbury River, and this trip is open to the public.
Many of Australias significant creatives call Dangar Island and Brooklyn home. We have authors, poets, potters, artists, musicians, graphic designers, illustrators, film makers, interior designers, and even a little store called Broken Spines bookshop which recycles wonderful old books. Businesses such as Denise O'Regan Design, The Edge Art Space, Kingtide Restaurant, and River Dreams gifts are all based here.
Pay us a visit some time soon.

Full House in the Cell Block at the moment

Our last guests to check in are refusing to leave. They love Cell Block B and they love Brooklyn. It seems we are indefinitely booked-out.

That does not mean a visit to Brooklyn is not warranted. Far from it, we have a new Thai restauarant, the usual JJ's Seafood kiosk, Kingtide Restaurant at the Marina, Lifeboat Seafood, and the Anglers Rest. All serve fresh seafood harvested from the beautiful Hawkesbury River daily.
In addition we have houseboat hire, the quaint Broken Spines bookshop for recycled books, and the wonderful Edge Art Space at 120 Brooklyn Road. We also have the new Brooklyn Motel.
Our bushwalking tracks are superb, our fishing legendary, we also have Australias last riverboat postman, and of course the regular ferry to Dangar Island and Little Wobby.
We look forward to seeing you soon.